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Dr. Mushtaq Shah M.D., P.A
Dr. Mushtaq Shah graduated in 1972 from the Government Medical College in Srinagar Kashmir, India. He did his fellowship in Gastroenterology in 1979 at the Georgetown University medical center and at D.C. General Hospital. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology.

Dr. Shah has served as Chief of Gastroenterology and President of Medical Staff at Doctors Community Hospital, Lanham, MD.

With a patient first philosophy, Dr. Shah is committed to providing exceptional evaluation, diagnosis and treatment options of digestive disease conditions:

Acid Reflux • Bowel disease • Celiac disease • Colitis • Crohn’s disease • Colon Cancer • Esophageal and gastric cancer Hepatitis • Liver disease and cancer • Pancreatic Cancer • Peptic Ulcer disease • Diverticulitis • Helicobacter Pylori

With over 30years of experience, he is one of the best Gastroenterologist in the community. He is very active in his community and hospital facilities. He is an expert among physicians in performing ERCP and extracting the gallstones stuck in most common and hepatic ducts. He is also known for locating and removing of most difficult polyps from the colon.

Dr. Shah is considered a leader and expert in the field of Gastroenterology and has special interest in Biliary Endoscopy. He has pioneered new and innovative medical techniques and is skilled in multiple endoscopic procedures that include:

Colonoscopy • Upper Endoscopy • Biliary Endoscopy • Capsule Endoscopy • Sigmoidoscopy • ERCP • Hemorrhoid banding

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Dr. Mushtaq Shah M.D., P.A
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