We are a COVID-19 Free Facility

We care about your safety, employee safety and physician safety

Measures and Methodology

  • All visiting patients will go through a mandated acute Corona virus infection screening before they can proceed with their scheduled endoscopy procedure.
  • Our facility has undergone extensive interior changes in order to optimize social distancing. These methods include physical barriers, reduced building capacity, and installation of new ventilation systems with enhanced ACH.
  • Our facility has prepared ample stock of PPE, disinfectant and hand sanitizer for both patients and our providers.
  • Professional infection control and compliance team, monitoring procedure outcome and implementation of infection control measures.

1. COVID screening questionnaires (3) times throughout the entire processes

  • Prior to scheduling the procedure, your physician’s office staff will screen you for any possible Covid exposure and symptoms.
  • Prior to your visit, our facility staff will contact all patients to identify high risk patients and symptomatic patients. Our personnel must get in contact with you and the questions must be answered prior to your visit or you will not be allowed in the facility. (A copy of the questionnaire is included at the bottom of this page).
  • Immediately after arrival at the endoscopy center, you will be screened with the same questions by our clinical staff before you may the facility.
  • Please be patient with the repetitive questioning.

2. Providing PPE to our patients

  • Procedure mask and gloves will be provided to all patients and visitors.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are distributed throughout the facility for hand hygiene for your convenience.

3. Enviromental safeguards

  • All procedure rooms and patient care area are equipped with extremely powerful exhaust fans as well as their stand-alone temperature control systems. This setup improves the air exchange rate, creating ‘negative pressure’ effect to the environment.
  • HEPA filters are to be used and replaced frequently.
  • To ensure clean environment, our cleaning staff have been instructed to use special cleaning processes with bleach in between procedures as well as frequent cleaning for all bathrooms.

4. Intensive employees and physicians training and compliance monitoring

  • We have provided extensive infection control trainings and re-opening orientations.
  • Infection control Registered Nurse is in charge of our infection control program and on-going monitoring CDC guidelines/standards.
  • Our multi gastroenterology societies, ASGE, AGA, ACG are providing on-going recommendations for Covid pandemic operation on a daily basis.

How You Will Protect Each Other

Here is what you should expect after you have scheduled your procedure at the physician’s office:

1. Arrange a responsible driver to pick you up on the day of your procedure (Uber/Lift/taxi is NOT acceptable).
2. Please discuss your concern / issues including ride problems with our staff before procedure day.
3. On the day of your procedure, stay in your car and call (301) 552 – 1801 Ext 100 with your responsible driver until you complete the pre-procedure processes.
4. Follow and complete all procedure preparations as recommended from the GI physicians.
5. Obtain all necessary pre procedure consultations including cardiac evaluation as recommended from your GI physicians.
6. Complete all the necessary forms required from the Endo Center prior entering the facility.
7. Be prepared to use mobile communication device as the main communication tool during the visit. (During pre-procedure clinical assessment /evaluation and post procedure instruction.)
  • To disclose all necessary information for Covid screening questionnaires.
  • To wear proper PPE during the entire visit.
  • To follow the distancing requirement and minimizing time in staying at the facility.
  • To voice out / share your concern with our physicians and staff team in timely manner.
  • To quarantine yourself after swab test until the procedure day.

How We Will Protect Our Employees and Physicians

  • All of our staff are tested for Covid before returning to work.
  • Staff are monitored and screened for symptoms daily and high-risk personnel will not be allowed in the facility.
  • On arrival, our staff will be required to apply hand sanitizer, have their temperature taken, and wear a face mask.
  • Staff will not be allowed to return to work if they exhibit any Covid related symptoms including allergy caused symptoms.
  • Quarantined staff are not allowed to return to work until proven negative by swab testing.
  • Staff will not be allowed to return to work if they live with any Covid positive family member until all parties are retested to be negative.
  • Our facility may consider to provide safe housing accommodations to those that may be affected by the situation mentioned above
  • Swab testing will be offered at the cost of employer whenever needed.
  • The Center will perform the swab testing to any family member of the employees at their own cost if necessary.
  • All staff will be required to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout the day.
  • Plexiglass has been placed around the facility to reduce the chance of transmission.
  • Disposable face shield and goggle are provided.
  • Uniform and protective jump suits, head covers, shoes and leg covers are provided specially designed for employees and physicians.
  • Ample amount of KN95, P100 masks are available for employees and providers. It will be replaced every day
  • A special changing room is designed and designated to employees and providers.
  • A brand-new staff lounge with special Covid precaution design in mind provides a safe space for employees
  • Frequent remote group meetings to evaluate the ongoing operation safety and improve quality outcome.

Examples of Increased Protection

COVID-19 Screening Form